Zzzing properties,
the perfect choice for remote workers

Zzzing properties, the perfect choice for remote workers

Remote workers are the new digital nomads

A Central Bank study into teleworking has found that, after the pandemic, one in four jobs can be done from home – over double those who worked remotely before COVID-19. Meanwhile, The Malta Chamber of Commerce is also encouraging the private sector to offer remote working options. Remote working is the new reality. 
Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck freelancers, entrepreneurs, and the self-employed had made up the majority of the digital nomad crowd, but this is changing now that more companies are re-building their work culture and embracing remote working resulting to a high percentage of workers across all industries now having the opportunity to work from anywhere instead of having to punch in at their office. 

Work from anywhere, stay Zzzing

During these last week’s our operations, portfolio management team together with our selected interior designers put their heads together to build a list of minimum requirements for all Zzzing properties to be able to comfortably cater for one of the fastest-growing demands – remote workers. Our Zzzing properties are now remote-working approved! 

Your change of scene, close to home

If a change of scene sounds like a dream or if you need to get away so that you can focus on a new project, a Zzzing property is your perfect stay solution. Whether you’d like to rent a designer finished property in the heart of Mellieha or you would love to stay in a hotel-inspired apartment just minutes from the yacht marina, expect tons of inspiration, loads of relaxation and a soar in your productivity levels. Thanks to Zzzing you can now enjoy a wide variety of light & bright accommodation options catering all budgets which all incorporate ergonomic workspaces, designated desks with flexible lighting & the fastest stable 
wireless internet. 

The future of travel & tourism is Zzzing

Having the skills to adapt swiftly no matter the business climate is our greatest strength. Despite the uphill struggle that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present to all players within the property management and hospitality arena, we’re committed to present innovative campaigns which will motivate travellers to visit the Maltese islands and make property owners proud to have their short-let rental listed with Zzzing. No matter what, expect more smart ideas which will play a part of Malta’s travel & tourism arena we’re so proud to be a part of. 
And just in case you’re curious, yes, now that our Zzzing properties are ready to welcome remote workers we’re eager to work with local stakeholders and all industry players to launch an international campaign which will position the Maltese islands as the country to be for remote workers and digital nomads alike. Stay tuned. Together we will help Malta’s tourism and travel industry thrive again.