Predictions from tourism industry experts

Predictions from tourism industry experts 

Three reasons why the future is zzzing

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck the short-let arena was building strong momentum and we had just shared our brand promise – to give visitors to the Maltese islands the unique opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a private residential space together with the luxuries offered by a hotel – in one attractive and affordable service powered by brilliant tech which gives landlords and property owners the opportunity to generate a stronger ROI. Just 12 months ago we pushed the quality benchmark to a new level of awesomeness – little did we know that what we were proposing would become gold in record time. 
Think about it – going forward, any traveler, whether visiting Malta for business or pleasure will look for the safest and secure accommodation option which respects social distancing measures to the max – in other words – short-let rentals will be the preferred solution, short stays managed by Zzzing will attract travelers to visit Malta to live like a local and experience all that our beautiful islands have to offer in the safest possible way. 

The future of tourism is zzzing

Visit Malta. Stay Zzzing.

Safety & hygiene, state-of-the-art tech, innovation – Here are just 3 reasons why your property is in the best of hands if we’re the ones selected to be by your side. 

1. The zzzing way – Safety & Hygiene

Travelers will continue taking increased precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19 and expect the travel industry to provide them with peace of mind by offering increased safety precautions. Safety and hygiene considerations will remain a big priority for travellers, and Zzzing’s Cleaning & Sanitization Protocol is our solution.

2. The Zzzing Way – Contactless Technology

Travel in 2021 will be more touchless than ever. A recent study showed 64% of travelers agree that technology will be important in controlling health risks when traveling and 63% say that accommodations will need to use the latest technologies to make travelers feel safe. The Zzzing Guest Experience App allows guests to enjoy a seamless experience from the start of their trip to the end, with options to book their excursions, appointments, travel arrangements and visits at the press of a button. That’s not all. Our one-of-a-kind property dashboard allows property owners to sit back and get a birds’ eye view of the potential and performance of their rental space while we do all the heavy lifting. Tech-savvy, tech-driven, future forward – that’s us.

3. The zzzing way – Creating new opportunities

Remote working is the new norm. The upside is that talent from all across the world can now work from anywhere and Malta is a perfect destination to consider. Imagine working in a bright private rental space during the day, spending the afternoon at the beach, diving into a work call or two, going for a walk down one of our beautiful promenades and then working some more (if that’s how you roll) – work and play time can co-exist. So, our Zzzing team is guiding, advising and encouraging our property owners to dedicate space in their short-term rental for a work station. We’re working with some of the island’s top designers to introduce smart, attractive ways of incorporate remote working spaces into rentals of all sizes. Fast and convenient wi-fi is a given. Remote workers, remote learners – Zzzing properties are your perfect getaway. 

What does the future really hold?

As the owner of a property with short-let potential you want to know when to expect bookings to start rolling in – fair question. We don’t have a crystal ball but we do have the predictions of top industry experts as well as local and international stakeholders who share their realistic predictions for travel and tourism. Their comments will trigger you to start to get your property guest-ready pronto. See for yourself.

Our focus is not on the numbers but on the quality of the service and product we can provide for the tourist. Thus, we are looking into the challenges that we have in this regard and how to turn them into opportunities that will be enjoyed by tourists as well as all stakeholders.

Minister for Tourism & Consumer Protection - Clayton Bartolo

Provided the vaccinations work well and if people in Europe start travelling again by the beginning of April, my personal estimation, which is not based on any studies, would be that if we see 900,000 arrivals then we would have done well.

President of the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association Tony Zahra

Several international industry organisations are predicting that, following an extremely rocky first quarter of 2021, the tourism industry may expect to start seeing signs of recovery with the onset of the summer season.

Malta International Airport CEO Alan Borg

I am sure we will see a significant upturn in the course of 2021. I believe that Lufthansa will achieve half of 2019's passenger levels and maybe up to 70% in the summer of 2021.

Lufthansa CEO Carsten Spohr

People will want to get away from cities, seaside destinations will be incredibly popular.

Wizz Air CEO Jozsef Varadi

Passenger volumes should reach 75-80% of pre-Covid levels in 2021, especially if a vaccine is developed by the spring. There’s going to be an enormous snapback on travel demand. We’re going to see a surge of that intra-European tourism next year, and we need to be there to provide the capacity at low prices.

Ryanair chief executive, Michael O’Leary

It’s time to get your property guest-ready

As more tourists confirm their holiday plans one thing remains 100% clear. Short-let rentals managed by Zzzing are in the spotlight. Let’s schedule a complimentary consultation to share our insight, expertise and forecast for your property and explain our extensive list of services – hassle-free, risk-free.