Zzzing – The solution to achieve your short-let property goals in 2021

Zzzing – The solution to achieve your short-let property goals in 2021

COVID-19 struck the travel and tourism industry hard and you’re probably wondering what the future holds for your short-let property. Here are all the answers you need to successfully score your property goals for 2021. 

1. Will my property make money?

It can. It will. If you have a trusted partner in your corner, experts in dynamic pricing who are willing to add your property to the Zzzing portfolio and constantly monitor, analyse and implement pricing changes to drive the best possible results. The cherry on the cake? Zzzing’s marketing wizards will work their magic to guarantee that your short-rental will be in the spotlight, superb photography, captivating property descriptors that will attract holiday makers to your property like bees to honey.

2. Will I have to put in double the effort to get any form of return on your investment?

Definitely not. With Zzzing by your side you don’t have to move a muscle. We’ll handle all aspects of the property management process – from cleaning & sanitization to marketing, maintenance to great guest communication and even your pricing strategy to guaranteeing that your property is always guest-ready. As your exclusive property partners we’ll do all the heavy lifting so that you can sit back, spend time with the people you love and watch the money rolling in. 100% hassle-free.

3. How will I ever be able to get anywhere close to the cleaning protocol set by top brands like Airbnb & Booking.com?

Honestly you’re right to worry, everyone should. While COVID-19 has cultivated an attraction to short-let properties because of social distancing trends, more than ever before guests have very high expectations and even higher concerns. Zzzing’s Cleaning and Sanitisation Protocol is aligned to Airbnb, Booking.com, MTA and all the other leading players which set the highest benchmarks. Your property will always be guest-ready and holiday makers choosing your space will always be safe if we’re in your corner. 

4. My property needs a designer’s touch – where do I even start? 

There is an art and science to how a short-rental property is designed, the furniture selected is particular, the mood created is unique. Winning short-let properties, the ones which are fully booked months in advance have a particular style that oozes personality. Investing in design is a strategic move and it will get results. The Zzzing team works with some of the island’s most talented and creative interior designers who will transform your space into a holiday makers dream place. 

5. I still want to be in total control of my property.

We understand. Your short-term rental is one of the biggest investments you’ve made and this is why our genius tech team has built a state-of-the-art Property Owner Dashboard which gives you 100% access to get a birds’ eye view of your property’s performance and potential, at the press of a button. 100% transparency, that’s the name of the Zzzing game. 

6. To maintain ‘Superhost Status’, guest communication has to be flawless and rave reviews are a must. How do I get that? 

The truth is this quite a feat especially if you’re not 100% focused on your short-let full-time. With Zzzing as your partner you have the comfort of knowing that prospective guests get answers to their questions in record time. Zzzing’s Tech Team has built an award-worthy Guest Experience App which is a 24×7 concierge service exclusively designed for them. Apart from being content-rich and highly intuitive, it includes tons of free services – booking taxis, transfers, excursions as well as preferred pricing at some of Malta’s finest eateries – raving reviews will roll in fast (faster than you can say Zzzing!)

7. Will working with Zzzing cost a fortune? 

It really WON’T! We’re extremely confident in our brand’s offering so we choose to work on a success-based pricing model meaning that we’ll get paid when your property performs. A simple 15% commission covers all areas of support. 100% risk-free. 

Let’s recap & jump in. 

More bookings, higher income, hassle-free, risk-free – this is what’s on your wish-list for your short-term rental and this is what partnering with Zzzing will give you. It’s really as simple as it sounds. 
Book your free property consultation by calling 99143724 or filling in the form below.  During the session you’ll:
  • dive-into our endless list of stellar services 
  • go on a tour of our tech for both property owners and guests
  • get an expert property forecast which will help you understand the true potential of your property. 

Now’s your time to Zzzing. Get started.