Zzzing is finally here

Zzzing is finally here

… and so our journey begins. What started as a genius idea shared between like-minded yet very different talents have transformed into a one-of-a-kind brand, headquartered in the beautiful Maltese islands we so very much love. Zzzing has arrived.  

Hospitality is the name of the game.

Tourism is one of the Malta’s islands economic pillars and while the island’s top hotel brands are doing a mighty fine job we know that so many travellers want to experience all the five star luxuries of a hotel in their own short-term private rental space. This is precisely where we come in.  Our dynamic and driven team of pros add the five-star spark, style, service list and sophistication of the most elite world-class hotel chains to Malta’s rental spaces.

In an ongoing era of social distancing holiday rentals are becoming the preferred accommodation type. The amenities, the ability to cook, the ability to rent entire-home listings, the supply in remote locations, the availability of larger, 2+ bedroom properties that accommodate entire families — all this points towards short-term rentals. The demand is high, our stellar service is set and we’re so excited to launch Zzzing in the Maltese islands first, before anywhere else

Reno Scerri, CEO of Zzzing

Zzzing, the sweet spot of rental success.

This is what we do.

Put simply, we partner up with property owners to make their life easier & their wallets heavier. Thanks to the power of our genius intuitive tech, our breath-taking branding and our decades of expertise in hospitality management, we give property owners the opportunity to leverage the performance of their rental space, work less and worry never. Our extensive list of services covering Listing-Set Up, Online Management, Guest Check-In and Guest Check Out, covers all the bases and more. If you’re assuming that our exceptional Zzzing service comes at a sky-high fee, think again. We’re 100% success-based so we earn when YOU earn – yes, that’s how awesome Zzzing is. 

Guests love Zzzing too. Here’s why.

Holiday makers of all sorts whether they’re families looking for fun, couples on a quest for a romantic getaway, business travel guests who crave comfort or adventure travellers seeking that extra wow, all want a memorable stay and after experiencing Zzzing once, they will never opt for anything less.  The extraordinary indulgences, tiny treats, unexpected surprises and special features that level up a property and inspire guests to share five star reviews – this is what  Zzzing is about apart from the safety, security, flexibility and freedom our state-of-the-art mobile app gives guests throughout their entire stay. Wherever they choose to book their next visit, whether on any of the major channels such as Booking.com, Airbnb, TripAdvisor, HomeAway, Expedia, Agoda or anywhere else, expect to find Zzzing at the top of their preferred list. 

Consistency is queen at our high-quality driven brand

No matter how many times guests visit any of our Zzzing properties they know what to expect because they understand that we’ve set the benchmark high and we are 100% committed to our brand promise to deliver excellence throughout the travellers journey. We’re single-handedly transforming the local short-letting rental industry into a virtual hotel arena where each and every guest enjoys the five-star luxury stay they long for.

Great Zzzing starts with a chat.

So whether your short-term rental business is your side hustle, you’d like to get extra income from your holiday property and don’t know where to start, you’re more inclined into long lets and need some convincing, you’re a property developer looking for a reliable brand to be your trusted arm or you’re the proud owner of a real-estate agency looking to offer an in-demand service to your clients let’s talk. Hassle-free, risk-free – our brand promise is brilliant.  

Take your property to the new benchmark of quality, comfort and style that travellers from all corners of the globe want. Add Zzzing.  Book your complimentary consultation and property forecast and discover what we can do for you.