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COVID-19 triggered even more rigorous sanitization and disinfection protocols because more than ever before, cleanliness is fundamental to a great guest experience. Zzzing’s exclusive cleaning protocol is based on Airbnb’s cleaning handbook, which was developed in partnership with leading hospitality and medical hygiene experts, is aligned to the recommendations set by the Malta Tourism Authority and also includes a number of innovative features which exceed expectations and continue to position Zzzing as one of the island’s leaders in the short-term rental space.  Read our Cleaning & Sanitization Protocol here.

Even prior to this crisis, we already had standardized protocols to ensure a high level of cleanliness across all of our Zzzing properties, so when it came to increasing these measures, the framework was already in place and this allowed us to be agile and implement stricter cleaning measures immediately

Mark Sammut, Zzzing COO

Maintaining the high level of cleanliness required by the protocols set is extremely difficult for a property owner who chooses to take care of the cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance of their own rental space. Realistically, it’s close to impossible to reach the cleanliness benchmark set by professional companies which are focused on ensuring that their collection of rental spaces entrusted to them are kept top notch. In the case of Zzzing properties, during these last months, extra cleaning time in some cases close to double of the previous dedicated time is being allocated at absolutely no charge to the property owner.

A free service for Zzzing property owners.

Zzzing’s attractive commission-based partner model means that property owners don’t need to invest in cleaning services themselves as this professional service is included at no cost. Zzzing’s stellar service also includes a change of towels, linens as well as a starter set of toiletries and other supplies which come at no cost to the property owner. 

Property Owner John Formosa shares – Handling a cleaning protocol for your own property has become a very difficult and expensive task especially if maintaining a short-term letting business is not your main focus. My holiday rental is in expert hands and Zzzing’s attractive commission-based partner model means that I don’t have to spend a cent on cleaning – it’s brilliant. 


Thanks to Zzzing’s accredited cleaning protocol hosts automatically get a special highlight on their property listing page while thanks to a beautifully executed communication strategy guests are fully aware of the complete cleaning routine prior to booking and before check-in


There’s more. We always go that extra mile

Thanks to our one-of-a-kind 24×7 concierge service guests can engage our cleaning team at the press of a button during their stay too. Come rain or shine, Zzzing property owners have the peace of mind of knowing that their property is safe and that their guests will be too. 


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