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Discover the short-let potential of your rental space

How Zzzing Works

Step 1
You’ll schedule your free consultation
Get to know all about Zzzing, explore our list of services covering all aspects of your short-let property business, discover our partner options which entitle you to benefit from 100% commission based service, take our tech built for property owners for a test-drive and get a clear understanding of why partnering with us means that you’ll have more time on your hands and more cash in your pocket.
Step 2
We’ll evaluate your property
We’ll meet you onsite so that we can understand the potential of your property, let you in on our dynamic pricing industry secrets and discuss options of how we can increase your ROI, create more stability and implement any expert ideas that will elevate performance further. Our design team will always be standing by in case you decide that you want to spruce up your space to get an even bigger return.
Step 3
We’ll choose each other
We’ll send you the official paperwork which protects all parties so that you will have the confidence and clarity of knowing that you made the right choice. We’ll celebrate the start of what will soon be a successful partnership.
Step 4
You’ll relax, we’ll get to work
While making sure that your MTA license is set, our highly efficient operations team will get to work on any refurbishment planned and schedule an intensive cleaning and sanitisation protocol of your property to guarantee that it’s always guest-ready while our clever marketing team will organise photography, craft your listing, optimize your property’s page and make it available on the most popular online booking portals in the world. As soon as the bookings start rolling in we’ll handle all guest communication too. You don’t need to lift a finger.
Step 5
Get paid monthly, keep on track always
We’re sure that you’ll love receiving your monthly property payments without making any effort at all. Thanks to the power of our state-of-the-art tech, you have 24x7 access to our partner dashboard which gives you a real-time picture of the performance and potential of your property. There’s nothing that will be decided on your behalf without your authorisation, we’ll keep you in-the-loop, always. While tech is our game-changer, we’re always available for a cup of coffee or a chat whenever you have a moment to spare, we’ll always make time for our partners.

Some of our trusted partners

Thanks to our elite marketing team your property will be advertised to travel lovers from all corners of the globe, guaranteeing the widest possible reach. 



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