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Model 1:
    ZZZing is a custom made reverse trike that was constructed in a small machine shop in PA. The photo below is about a year into the project and since this time we have gotten it titled, tagged and inspected to drive on the roads. We are currently doing a lot of road testing just because it is fun to drive.

 ZZZing Three Wheeler

    The main difference between other reverse trikes is that we wanted a full roll cage for safety but wanted to keep the weight down as low as possible. We put the three wheeler on the scales and found out that the three wheeler weights 620 lbs. and that is with a quarter tank of fuel(1.25 gallons or around 8 lbs). We
managed to keep the weight down by not using the motorcycle frame, using thin wall chromemoly tubing, using motorcycle wheels instead of car rims/tires, making our own seats and using aluminum body panels.

    You may be wondering why we went with motorcycle tires and rims instead of car tires like every other reverse trike on the market. Well we wanted to see how it would handle with motorcycle rims/tires before we just put on heavier wheels. After road testing it with the motorcycle tires and rims we are asking our selfs why would people put on car wheels.We hope to do lateral G-force tests before it starts snowing this year. We have already seen around 1G(0.92) in braking without really pushing on the petal. There will be more to come!

Model 2:
This reverse trike is still under construction and has changed several times over the past year. You will notice differences in the photos as we made these changes. Our goal is to finish this reverse trike by this summer. This is a single seat reverse trike that is powered by an air cooled 500cc two stroke snowmobile engine. The rough weight of this reverse trike is around 400 lbs. without the driver and fuel. Most of the weight is due to the heavy car rims and tires. We are still using the constant velocity belt setup from the snowmobile which allows anyone to get in and floor it without having to worry about shifting. We will try to update the photos as we finish the project.
 ZZZing Three Wheeler

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